Friday, September 3, 2010

Vote for the Blueberry treasury challenge winner!

What a fun first Thursday themed challenge we had!
Lots of participation, lots of laughs, and lots of great new shops we uncovered!

As per the rules, the top 4 treasuries by views will be listed here and you will all vote on the winner. The winner will have their ad displayed in the sidebar here for a week. Sound like a great prize or what? This poll will run through the weekend and anyone can vote! The winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck!

And without further ado, the top 4 treasuries (by views) in the Blueberry Popsicle Day Challenge are:

Blueberry Popsicles Treasury Challenge by popwhiz

Has this treasury challenge made my tongue blue? by cherryandviolet

National Blueberry popsicle day - treasury challenge by hiyapapaya

Blueberries or Sapphires? You decide (treasury challenge) by waterwaif



artfromthesoul said...

My problem with these picks, which are great, is that they all have alot of the same items. Where is the originality?

jen said...

beautiful treasuries guys...hard to pick between!

waterwaif said...

Unfortunately, since I threw this challenge together at the last minute, Blueberry popsicle day isn't that much of a challenge and blueberry blue is usually what you'll end up with.

Any time a challenge has a color in it, the treasuries will start to look alike after a while.

The way these challenges are run, though, is that the top 4 treasuries are put to the vote. If you come across a treasury that you think is original and that you'd like to see put to a vote, promote it! Putting together a treasury is only half the job. Promoting it is the rest!

Cristi said...

Just to defend my OWN treasury from what artfromthesoul said - I actually don't look at the other treasuries before I make my own challenge treasury (so mine is very original!!). That way, I'm not influenced by anyone else. I think that's the personal designer in me. I want to be able to create my OWN thing. What's the most interesting about that, though, is that sometimes I'll go click on someone else's AFTERward and notice that we used similar items. Go figure! Ha! But like Tara (waterwaif said), blueberry blue, when you're working with a team, is something that will be easily duplicated when you only have so many members and so many items that are going to be that certain color. So, I'm sure everyone who curated their own treasuries were being super original in their own minds, as they were doing so. Please try and not be too judgmental! :) We're all just doing this for fun. And mainly, to support and bring new shops to light, remember! :)

artfromthesoul said...

I am sorry if you thought I was being judgemental, it wasn't my intention. I just thought it, can I say, odd? I think they are all beautiful and enjoy checking everyones out. I guess we all just have really good taste.

I think everyone did a great job and we are all winners. Jean