Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Team Banner Voting - Now Open!

Below are various ideas we have come up with as a team. Take your time to vote on which you think should be the banner for the team blog.

Voting will end at 2pm EST, Friday, Sept. 10. You have 48 hrs to vote.

Submissions were taken from team members and team leaders. Once the voting has closed, the banner will be final and no changes will be made.

All banners may appear a little fuzzy or have minor imperfections. The final banner will be clear & crisp without any imperfections you may see here.

Click any banner image to view it in full size.

Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

Banner 4

Banner 5

Banner 6


Thanks for your participation.


Sam said...

These are beautiful! What's the font you use in 2, 4, & 6 for "Team discovery"?

Cilicia said...

All the banners are amazing! Great job!

priti said...

I voted for 2nd's so difficult to vote for just one!

SMAfactory said...

I voted for 4 banner. Though, I like current banner as well