Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Discovering New Shops: Meet rogeartstyle!

by cindycolumbia1958

I came across the rogeartstyle shop while pouncing looking for new shops to feature in a treasury. I was immediately attracted by the vibrant colors and whimsical scenes displayed in the tapestries. Art is sometimes so serious that when I come across an artist whose work is playful and lighthearted, it sticks out for me. Rogeartstyle is certainly that!

Cindycolumbia1958: If you had to define what type of artist you are, what would you call yourself?
Romana of Rogeartstyle
: I’m a multidimensional artist, imaginative, symbolic and abstract. I was formally trained as a painter. I always dedicate my artistic talent to the visual arts.

CC:Some artists create because they enjoy doing so, some because they have to. Which are you?
RS: Both. I love the act of creating and I’m continuously pushed internally to make something, to use my hands and my fantasy.

CC: Are there challenges you face in your fiber art which are different than your canvas art?
: To use the colors or textures of the fabric brings different challenges and different problems too. People do not buy the tapestries as much as more traditional mediums of paintings whether abstract or realistic.

CC: Briefly describe the process of creating one of your tapestries.
RS: I make a drawing, cut exactly the fabrics into all the pieces, sew the fabrics by hand and machine, hand sew every decoration, buttons, beads, laces etc. I crochet pieces to insert into the tapestries.

CC:What supplies must you have on hand at all times to create your artwork?
RS: The usual tools: scissors, needle, thread, sewing machine, but no glue gun. A collection of colorful fabrics, buttons and beads.

: People are always interested in where an artist works. Describe your work place.
: I have a work room in my house where I keep my supplies too. When I work I do not have time to put everything in the right place.

CC: The concept of success is different for all. Tell us what goal you will need to reach for you to consider your Etsy shop a success.
RS: To sell my artwork on Etsy would make me feel successful, but making bea utiful things for people to see and appreciate is important to me also.

Thank you to Romana of rogeartstyle for sharing her time and work with us!


waterwaif said...

Oh, I love that boat on the waves! So cool!

Thanks for such a great interview!

Kathleen Cavalaro said...

Such unique and beautiful work!

Kristin said...

Wow, that stuff is amazing!

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Just stopping by to say thank you for joining my blog hop. Returned the favour and am now following. I love meeting all these new bloggers. Can't wait to get to know you better. www.jamarahcraftycreations.blogspot.com Sarah