Sunday, September 19, 2010

Managing Friends on Facebook

by, Jennifer

Having 30 or 40 friends is not hard to keep track of. But when you have a few hundred friends, one can easily loose track of their friends. So, how to manage your friends? The easiest way would be to use lists. Create a list named Surfin' Buddies, Family, High School Friends or whatever is easy for you to know who those people are. Only you see your lists so no worries if you call a list "Enemies I am keeping close".

Where to start? Idealy, in the beginning is a good place to start but if you are like me, you created your facebook account and started adding friends. So start now. When you send or receive a friend request, add the person to a list by clicking on Add To List and selecting a list from the drop down. No lists? Simply type in a new list name and then send or accept the friend request.

Now, about those friends you already have. At the top right of any Facebook page, click on Account and click on Edit Friends from the pop-out menu.

Here you can manage your friends by adding them to a list, deleting them, moving them to another list, or just look for them.

To create a new list from Edit Friends, just click on Create New List and type a list name in the little box. Then you can scroll through the list in the pop-up box and click on each friend you want to add to that list. They will be highlighted blue if selected. To unselect, just click them again to remove the blue highlight. When you are finished, click Create List.

If you want, you can scroll through your list of friends and add each one to a list one friend at a time. Just locate the friend, click Add To List next to their name and click the list you want them to be added to.

Too many friends to scroll through? Looking for a particular friend? You can find your friends easily in 2 ways.

First, while you are on the edit friends page, you can type in the search box (on the left, not at the top) the first letters of their name. As you type, the list will reduce and show only friends with that combination of letters in their name.

Second, from any page of Facebook, you can type in the beginning of the name or page you are looking for in the search box at the top of the page. A pop-out box will show all pages, groups, friends, etc. that have those matching letters. Sometimes, it will show you even those you have not yet connected to.

Need to delete someone from your friends list? Yes, this happens that we picked the wrong person to network with. From the Edit Friends page, just find their name and click the X to the right of their name. A pop-up will ask you to confirm you really want to delete them.

And finally, now that you have your friends organized, where did those lists go? On the Edit Friends page, you will see the lists on the left hand side. Just click on the list you want to view, and only those added to that list will show up.


Amy Eaton said...

Great post Jen!

Kathleen Cavalaro said...

Wow! This is very helpful!

KippysSoMature said...

Excellent!! Thank yoU!

PaperFlora2 said...

You guys are doing such a great job with these posts. So much info and easy how to's. Bravo to you!
keep it up!

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