Treasury Rules and Tips

Every shop on the roster needs to submit 4 treasuries per month OR make a blog contribution under your shop name. (so if you have 2 shops, you need to submit 4 treasuries per shop).

You can make a treasury here:

You can do whatever you want in a Treasury, however, if you would like to aim for the Front Page, please remember the following (our team makes no guarantees or promises…the Etsy admin alone chooses the front page):

  1. Do NOT put yourself in the treasury.
  2. Fill all 16 spots. Occasionally a photo will disappear. If you can, check for the next few days after making a treasury to see that all 16 spots are still filled. You may have to go in and edit if one is missing.
  3. Do not use a shop more than once. This also means do not use two shops in your treasury that have the same owner. We have a team list that shows which shops belong to one person. Please use this!
  4. Have a well-rounded treasury (i.e. not too heavy in one category.)
  5. Make sure you use all of your tags or admin may not find your treasury!

Hotness has nothing to do with admin finding your treasury for FP consideration. They search for tags and well-made treasuries.

- have at least 8 new/undiscovered shops (which means less than 20 sales)

Ideally our team will strive for the 8/8 formula: 8 undiscovered shops/8 teammates but a treasury cannot be tagged ‘teamdiscovery’ unless at least half is made up with new/undiscovered shops. We have amended the rules to allow 2 non-team shops with over 20 sales if necessary.

If your treasury meets the Team Discovery requirements, make sure to add ‘teamdiscovery’ (with no space) in your tags along with ‘pounce’, ‘new’ and ‘undiscovered.’ And don’t forget to use all the other tag spaces to describe your treasury.

Here is a very good link to keep in mind when creating treasuries:
(updated Sept. 28, 2010)

This changes every month. If this is not updated, go to the “community” section, click on “storque blog” and search for “merchandising desk.”

Treasury Tagging Tips

Treasury tagging is not much different than tagging your items. However, you have to keep in mind that you are not tagging one item but rather 16 items. So use terms that will generalize the treasury such as a common color, common item theme (aka jewelry, necklace, pot, shoe, jacket, etc).

Here are some examples from this treasury.

You do have a limit of 18 tags for a treasury. However, you don't have to count. Etsy will kindly remind you that you have made it to your tag limit.

And you don't have to remember which tags you have already used. Let your creative juices flow. Etsy will kindly let you know that you have already used a tag.

Now that you have all 18 tags in your treasury, you can review them to see if you think they all are fitting for your treasury. When you are done, publish your treasury & convo the sellers you included!