Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Very First Team Treasury Challenge!

While we are working on adding our team to Etsy's official pages and establishing our presence on facebook and out blog, we need a bit of distraction!

Team treasury challenges will be one of our regular features and they'll include fun competition, voting, winners, and rewards! Welcome to Team Discovery's first ever treasury challenge! This challenge will last until Friday so you have plenty of time to enter and compete! The rules are very simple and all you have to do is comment on this post with the link to your treasury entry!

Kathleen started this whole team. It was her idea and her baby. For that reason, our first treasury challenge will use one of her items. Everyone who creates a treasury for this challenge must include this beautiful item. Okay, ready for the simple rules?

#1: Your treasury must include this pair of earrings made by KathleenCavalaro. You can put it in any spot you like but it must be there somewhere.

#2: Your treasury must contain at least 8 new or undiscovered shops. Undiscovered shops have 20 sales or less. The Etsy Pounce function is good for discovering brand new shops and I also started a thread on the Etsy forums that is chock full of new and undiscovered shops.

#3: Your treasury must fill the remaining spots with team members. The team members are listed on the facebook group here for easy browsing.

#4: Your treasury must be tagged teamdiscovery, all one word, and TDchallenge, all one word.

#5: You must follow this blog.

That's it! You can go with whatever theme you want. Use whatever colors you want. Absolutely anyone is welcome to participate in this, our first treasury challenge in honor of Kathleen!

The winner of this challenge will be able to have one of THEIR OWN items featured for next week's challenge!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Etsy Team Discovery Welcome

Welcome to Etsy Team Discovery!

We are a growing team who is on a mission to discover the new and overlooked shops of Etsy and bring them exposure. The best way to do this (in our opinion) is to create treasuries...lots and lots of treasuries! In an Etsy Team Discovery Treasury, you will find at least half of the treasury dedicated to these shops. And many of our team members also fall into the category as well.

Please check back often as we try to figure all of this out. In the near future, we hope our blog will include:

-teammate interviews
-new shop interviews
-advice from experienced shops
-treasury challenges
and (insert your idea here)!

Anyone is welcome to join our team. Hope to see you here!