Sunday, August 22, 2010

Etsy Team Discovery Welcome

Welcome to Etsy Team Discovery!

We are a growing team who is on a mission to discover the new and overlooked shops of Etsy and bring them exposure. The best way to do this (in our opinion) is to create treasuries...lots and lots of treasuries! In an Etsy Team Discovery Treasury, you will find at least half of the treasury dedicated to these shops. And many of our team members also fall into the category as well.

Please check back often as we try to figure all of this out. In the near future, we hope our blog will include:

-teammate interviews
-new shop interviews
-advice from experienced shops
-treasury challenges
and (insert your idea here)!

Anyone is welcome to join our team. Hope to see you here!


hotacrossbuns said...

Looks Great!!! You guys work super fast!!!

UnusuallyYours said...

This is Great!! Thanks so much for your help in promoting new shops!!

Texas Prairie Rose said...

Fantastic idea!!! Great Treasuries! Kudos!!

Anonymous said...

The blog came out awesome! It has so much information.

cara said...

I think it's a good idea for each curator to click on every item in each treasury they make so that the treasury will be tracked in craftopolis (so shops can see what treasuries they're in) and other treasury tracking sites (are there others?). I also think it would be beneficial for the curators to pass a quick convo along to the shops they feature including a link to the treasury because not everyone knows how to search what treasuries they're in or might not even think to do it. This way, they'll be more likely to visit the treasury and comment/click, thus generating more views, clicks, and hopefully, attention from Etsy admins. I know takes a bit of time but I think it may be worth it! Whew! That was a long suggestion, haha. Anyway, I think everything is great so far!!


Cristi said...

THANKS SO MUCH for starting this, you guys!! So excited about participating!! I have always loved making treasuries that feature new shops, so this will be even more fun - doing it as a team!

And - cara - did you know that Etsy has now made it super easy for shops to know if they've been featured in a treasury?

Just go to this link:

And instead of YOURSHOPNAMEHERE enter your own shop name. It's GREAT!

PaperFlora2 said...

So excited to be a part of this great team.
Can't wait to get started sharing all the talent that is out there.
looking forward to seeing you on the FP!