Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tagging Your Treasuries

Those 18 spots to fill after making a treasury can seem a bit daunting. But eventually you'll get to a point where you wish you had more! The following tips are intended to be used on treasuries that meet the Team Discovery criteria (at least half of your spots given to new/undiscovered shops):

The given tags that should always be used on a Team Discovery treasury are "teamdiscovery", "new", "undiscovered", "pounce" (only if you actually have at least one shop found using Pounce), and "lessthan20". Notice there are no spaces inbetween the words. If you are participating in a challenge, you should use all of the above plus "tdchallenge."

Now you have 12-13 spots left. The first thing you should do is look at the monthly Merchandising Desk themes and colors. September is here and October is here.

Look at colors. Let's take September's Merchandising Desk for example:

"Color Trends: Punches of turquoise, richer earth tones, mustards, cranberry, deep berries and wine, muted greens, gray and camel solids."

Let me preface this by saying you should never tag your treasury with colors/themes that do not reflect what you have in your treasury. That would be very misleading and some would call it cheating. But if you have any of those colors at all, you should use those specific words - "camel solids" or "muted greens". You may also want to try different variations of those words like "light green" or even a specific type of light green like "mint" or "sage".

Also in the Merchandising Desk for September, they specifically look for certain themes:
"Woodland Emphasis: Forest animals, especially foxes, bears, and owls. Feathers, acorns, wood-grain, branches, logs, and leaves."

If you have even one owl, tag it "owl." Use as many of those descriptions as you can.

There are tons of themes in the Merchandising Desk. The above were only a few examples of many. The nice thing about the Merchandising Desk is they actually give a list of specific words. Go through all of those lists and see if any of them fit your treasury.

I have always overlooked this, but here's a tagging tip straight from the mouth of Etsy:
"Tagging tip: As Etsy continues to become a more global site with international currencies and languages, consider internationalizing your item listings. When tagging your items, be sure to use all 14 tags to describe your item; as you run out of words, use a thesaurus and language dictionary to generate new variations of your most important tags. Great languages to start with include French, German, and Spanish."

Please notice though there is actually room for 18 tags. Please try to use them all!

In addition to the themes Etsy chooses each month, there are also lists of trending treasury searches that are different every day. If you go to the main Treasury page, you will see to the right "Today's Trending Tags." Today it happes to be - beautiful, fun, winter, creative, cute, nature, earthy, fashion, bright, cream. If you've run out of ideas for themes and colors, go to the "trending tags" and see if any of them match your treasury.

I hoped this helped! Please feel free to leave in the comments anything I may have missed and/or how you tag your treasuries.


waterwaif said...

Good point about foreign languages!

If you use sellers from other countries in your treasuries, you can also include their country's spelling of a word, too.

For example, if you use a seller from Australia, include "jewellery" as well as "jewelry" in your tags!

Alaina said...

Thanks a lot for this. It helps a ton.

Dita Maulani said...

Oh! Another great input for trackab;e treasury for more clicks! Thank you very much!

WhiteRabbit7 said...

Great tips, thanks!

Dawn said...

This is great - thank you so much!

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thank u! these are all great tips!