Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vote for your MIP favorite

Our team has been discussing how to make photos 'treasury ready'. Many members of Team Discovery have taken the initiative to re-shoot some of their photos to get them ready for the front page!

We received several submissions, but our judges, Merriweathercouncil, cindycolumbia1958 and RedLeafGallery have chosen the top three finalists.

Please take a moment to look at each 'before' and 'after' photo and vote for the one you think has improved the most.

Please note that at one point, every submission was chosen as a favorite by the judges but since there were only three finalists, we had to narrow it down to the above. Since all were really great improvements, I thought I'd share the rest with you. Here they are:

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. The voting for this will end Monday at 3PM EST. The winner of this contest will receive a pair of earrings!

1 comment:

byebyebirdy said...

everyone really did a nice job with improving their photos! they all look great! kudos to all of you!!