Friday, October 8, 2010

Vote for thenational flower day treasury challenge winner!

After going through every single entry (that was correctly entered) from yesterday's Thursday themed challenge, I came up with the top 4 so we can vote. I included the views this time so we can all see how "hot" those treasuries are/were. This poll is open to everyone but you can only vote once. The winner will receive ad space for a week on our right sidebar ---->

You're Invited, to My Enchanted Garden Dinner Party..... by myfairladee with 848 views

A Rose By Any Other Name.. Wait, That's Not My Name! by waterwaif with 778 views

in the style of... by merriweathercouncil with 221 views

Home Is Where the Roses Are by palimpsestic with 190 views

Voting Closed


pumpkinandbuttterfly said...

i voted! they are all beautiful and if there is a secret to getting so many views please share :)

waterwaif said...

The secret to getting lots of treasury views:

#1: Make the treasury beautiful.
Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder so make the treasury what Etsy considers beautiful. Study the front page and the popular treasuries and learn from them.

#2: Pay attention to the trends and keywords for the month and fill your treasury and tag appropriately.

#3: Promote your treasury.
This means convo all the featured sellers and let them know about the treasury, tweet your treasury, put it on facebook, stumble it, put it on kaboodle, any and all of the social networking sites.

#4: Treasuries are just like items in your shop. You cannot just make one, list it, and sit back and wait for people to see it. You have to MAKE people see it yourself.

pumpkinandbuttterfly said...

thank you "waterwaif"
i will do my homework :)