Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Treasury Challenge! ScrapHappyLyrebird & CatherineAnnDecor

Big congrats to scraphappylyrebird for winning last week's treasury challenge - yay!

Featured with scraphappylyrebird for this week's challenge is CatherineAnnDecor  -
Let's show them a little treasury love!

** Note that some of the rules for undiscovered shops & tagging have changed - please read carefully **

#1: Your treasury must include this decoupaged mahogany keepsake box from ScrapHappyLyrebird and this photograph from CatherineAnnDecor. These items must be placed somewhere in the first three rows. The theme can be anything you like as long as these items are included.

#2: Your treasury must contain at least 8 new or undiscovered shops. Undiscovered shops have 50 sales or less (previously 20 sales or less). The Etsy Pounce function is good for discovering brand new shops, or check out undiscovered shops featured in other Team Discovery treasuries.  There is also an Etsy forum thread here that is chock full of new and undiscovered shops.

#3: Fill the remaining spots with Team Discovery members. The team members are listed here. You're also allowed 2 shops of your choice regardless of sales or team affiliation, if necessary, as long as you include at least 8 undiscovered shops.

#4: Your treasury MUST be tagged "teamdiscovery" (all one word, without the quotes) and "TDchallenge" (all one word, without the quotes). Also, we recommend you fill every tag space that is appropriate for your treasury and also use the tags "fresh shops" and "undiscovered"

#5: You must follow this blog.

#6: You MUST post the URL link to this blog in your treasury. This is important and is how the word gets out. If you're not sure of what to say, feel free to use this: 

This is a Team Discovery challenge treasury made up of undiscovered shops (less than 50 sales) and team members. Anyone can join!  Learn more by visiting the blog at

#7: When you have completed your challenge treasury, come back and add the URL to that treasury here in the comments. You can create as many treasuries as you like and enter as many times as you like. This challenge will end Thursday at 6pm Eastern, and voting begins Friday.

The winner of this challenge will be able to have one of THEIR OWN items featured for next week's challenge!


H & J said...

i am first???

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jamie said...

love this one!!!

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Dawn said...

La Vida Es Bella

xox dawn xox

Catherine Ann Decor said...

Thanks for all the treasury love everyone! It's going to be so hard to choose favorites!


Catherine Ann Decor said...

Thanks for all the treasury love everyone!... it's going to be so hard to choose favorites!