Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Friendsday: Link up your Twitter page for more friends & followers!

Welcome to Wednesday Friendsday, hosted by Team Discovery!

Our mission is to find and promote undiscovered shops and new sellers because everyone needs a break once in a while, a leg up, a helping hand, and a friend! Marketing and networking are just a couple of the ways we help each other and promote ourselves. Twitter is a perfect way to do just that.

Here at Wednesday Friendsday, we share our twitter accounts with each other, "follow" each other, and support and be supported.

The rules are simple:

  • Follow our blog.

  • Add the URL (link) of your Twitter account to the list below.

  • Follow as many fellow sellers and teammates as you wish.

  • Send them an @ message to let them know you found them here!

  • That's it! Thanks so much for stopping by and helping us help and support you!

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