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Keywords and Themes for November (from Etsy's Merchandising Desk)

I've read and scoured and culled keywords from the November merchandising report. Here you go!

Promotional Opportunities for Sellers:
  1. Create and tag treasuries fitting October's merchandising themes for a chance to have the collection featured on Etsy's home page or from seasonal home page banners. Make sure to keep the items in your treasuries fresh with active for sale items; this will increase the chances of the collection being featured over time.
  2. Follow the Showcase updates on Etsy's blog to find upcoming holiday themes we'll be promoting via home page banners. This will increase your chances to secure holiday and category Showcase spots.
  3. Holiday Crafts Seeking Submissions: Holiday Crafts is currently accepting submissions to feature in their 2011 issue. Learn how to get involved here.
  4. Learn more about merchandising successfully for the holidays in this specialized Etsy Success article.

Citrine is November's birthstone, and November's astrological signs are Scorpio andSagittarius.

Gourds and pumpkins
orchard and vineyard references
classic fall fruits and vegetables
glass and clay jars
bountiful table
cozy home
vintage industrial farm accents
woodland emphasis
natural and bright holiday colors
rich fabrics
the hearth
played-up textures

Gift Guide:
Gifts for her, him, children, babies, teens, grandparents, hostess, boss, coworkers, friends, teachers, significant others and the person who seems to have everything.
The gourmet, pet lover, gardener, bibliophile, tech lover, do-it-yourselfer, traveler, fashionista, sports fanatic, outdoor enthusiast and the entertainment buff.
Personalized gifts, ornaments, advent calendars, stocking stuffers, eco-friendly options, gag gifts, home and party decor.
Holiday budgets.

Paper Goods:
Holiday card sets
personalized stationery
beautiful and clever DIY gift wrap
packaging solutions
tagging and label options
smart classic takes on the 2011 calendar

Winter Fashion: 
winter boots
weather resistant materials
a touch of holiday party sparkle
fingerless gloves

Weddings and Celebrations: 
grand indoor affairs
snowy accents
party details
long sleeves
thick fabrics
hearty delectables
memorable favors

  • Dia de los Muertos: 
    • Day of the Dead 
    • celebrations 
    • symbolism 
    • skulls
    • bright colors
    • flowers (marigolds)
    • crosses
    • altars
    • candles
    • feasting
    • family

  • Decorative Packaging Solutions: 
  • Baker's twine
  • waxed linen
  • velvet ribbons
  • kraft, butcher
  • wax paper
  • glassine bags
  • gift tags
  • gift embellishments
  • sticker labels
  • personalized stamps 
  • (address, return, thank you, shop name, etc.)
  • glitter
  • cupcake toppers
  • gift wrap
  • kits

  • Woodland Emphasis and Natural History: 
  • Forest animals
  • foxes, bears, and owls
  • Feathers
  • acorns
  • pine-cones
  • nuts
  • wood-grain
  • branches 
  • logs
raw minerals and stones, taxidermy
  • nests
  • foliage
  • claws
  • scientific charts
  • diagrams
  • bones
  • antlers
  • species

  • Fashion Runway Report: 
  • aviator
  • military
  • retro glamorous
  • equestrian
  • '90s style floral and animal prints
  • Large stone and sparkly holiday jewelry
  • wooden accessories
  • epaulets
  • Tweed
  • herringbone
  • wool, suede, 
  • mesh
  • sheer materials
  • Tailored staples
  • classic lines
  • Embellished stockings 
  • thick knee high tights
  • winter boots suited for the elements

  • Weddings: 

  • Eco friendly 

  • reusable spins on wedding favors 

  • plantable seed pots and paper

  • birdseed

  • DIY labeled wine and beer

  • Vintage details 

  • decor accents

  • mason jars

  • kitchen scales

  • shabby mirrors

  • personalized puzzles

  • family trees

  • fingerprints

  • photo-booth 

  • DIY photo-booth props 

  • The Technical World: 
  • Portable gadgets
  • gadget cases/carriers 
  • docking solutions

  • Color Trends: 
  • autumn 
  • winter 
  • holiday color schemes
  • Rusts
  • browns
  • reds
  • oranges
  • yellows
  • greens
  • blues
  • purples
  • On a more general front: Blacks, grays, camels, teals, aquas, rich earth tones, mustards, deep purples berries and wine, and muted shades of green.

  • Cross Category Granular Trends: 
  • Teacups
  • confections
  • beards and mustaches 
  • feathers
  • arrows
  • geometric shapes and patterns
  • paper cuts and silhouettes
  • fingerprints
  • custom label stamps 

  • vintage letterpress blocks
  • skeleton keys
  • farmhouse references
  • chalkboard and writable surfaces
  • vintage cameras
  • fortune cookies
  • wishbones
  • honey bees

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • November is known as Real Jewelry Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month, and Aviation History Month.
  • November 1 & 2: Dia de los Muertos celebrations
  • November 1: All Saint's Day
  • November 6: Book Lovers Day
  • November 6: Melbourne Day, Australia
  • November 7: Daylight Savings time ends gain 1 hour of sleep
  • November 10: Eid-Ul-Fitr
  • November 11: Veterans Day
  • November 11: Remembrance Day, Canada
  • November 15: Deepavali
  • November 16: Button day
  • November 17: Eid-Ul-Adha
  • November 25: Thanksgiving
  • November 26: Black Friday
  • November 29: Cyber Monday

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