Saturday, November 20, 2010

Congrats on these team FP's!

Getting into the holiday season with our teams and our shops and we've gotten a bit behind on updating the blog with team FP's. This doesn't mean that we haven't had any because we've had some gorgeous ones! Here are some of the more recent ones we've had:

Cherryandviolet made the FP on 11/12 with this gift guide for gardeners!

Goldflorist recently joined our team and already got a team treasury to the FP on 11/12!

Myhobbyshop took us to the FP on 11/13!

Palimpsestic took us there again on 11/14, and got a lot of team members to the FP who had never been there!

Debstgo got a team treasury on the FP on 11/18!

Takokids got her first ever FP trip as a curator on 11/18!

Scraphappylyrebird took this beauty to the FP on 11/19!

Congratulations to all the curators, all the featured shops, and everyone who works so hard every day to make our wonderful team such a success!


d3b...* said...

it's amazing how many FP!!! :D.

may many more come!

Madame Koiteh said...

Congratulations team. That's wonderful!