Monday, April 25, 2011

Congrats to SpareBedroomStudio on a Team Front Page!

I completely love this front page from SpareBedroomStudio!  Check out SpareBedroomStudio's store for origami mobiles, confetti, and other paper creations.

Bookish Crane Mobile by SpareBedroomStudio

'It's More than Just Stuff !' by SpareBedroomStudio

It's Art !This Team Discovery treasury is made up of mostly undiscovered shops (less than 50 sales)! Let's show them some Etsy love!

Cassette Tape Monst...

Vintage Wooden Lett...

Crocoite in gold

Almeria. Earrings

Porcelain ring with...

girl BADGE / BROOCH...

HOLLY - Ring with V...

hot pink and floral...

Copper Side Table

Original illustrati...

ecofriendly coconut...


Hand Embroidered Bu...

Triple Loop Ribbed ...

Stealth Shelf

Mr. Man Memory Box ...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Julien Denoyer Photography said...

That's a really cool initiative...I think you've featured me as I've gotten referals from this website (Google analytics) to my shop:

So thanks a lot!!!