Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Themed Challenge: December 30

Welcome to the Thursday themed challenge! 

This is a one day only challenge that starts right now and ends at midnight eastern tonight.
Tomorrow morning, the top 4 treasuries, determined by views, will be posted in a poll that will run through the weekend. The winner of the poll will receive ad space on the right sidebar until next Thursday's challenge!

Next week we will get back to our regular merchandising desk themes and keywords, etc. But this week, we've got to finish up our "honoring" of the team leaders. They surprised me with it last week so I'm gonna give it to them right back! A lot of members don't always understand or recognize the amount of work that goes into running a team. The public stuff is one thing, but the behind the scenes part would blow you away until you've done it yourself. Please help me honor our 3rd leader today for her awesome work both publicly and behind the scenes, too.

Today's one day only theme is:

The New Year!

Here are the rules:

1. Interpret this theme any way you want to or any way you can and let that be the theme of your treasury! Be creative! This is a chance to let your artistic freedoms shine! It doesn't have to be literal. It could be New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, a general new year, etc.

2. Use at least 8 undiscovered shops (less than 20 sales) and the rest team members. Do not include yourself or any non-team members with more than 20 sales.

3. You must add "treasury challenge" somewhere in your treasury title.

4. You must tag the treasury "teamdiscovery" and "TDthemechallenge".  Please do not forget to tag your treasuries! You can also include "thank you, jennifer" or "creativecabin131" if you like. 

5. Link back to this exact blog post in your treasury. This will help the word get out and make our challenges (and exposure) exciting! If you cannot think of what to write, try this (and add the exact URL):

This is a Team Discovery treasury challenge!
These challenges run one day only and the winner receives awesome stuff! 

Anyone can play. Come check it out:

6. Post your treasury URL here in a comment on this blog post. This will count as your entry.

7. Follow our blog, please. You can do this by clicking follow over there in the right sidebar ---> or by clicking follow all the way at the top left of the blog.

8. Promote your treasury in any way you can. Tweet it, facebook it, forums, too! The top 4 treasuries (by views and/or hotness first thing Friday morning) will be open to voting on our blog this weekend. The winner will receive ad space in our sidebar for one week, until next Thursday's themed challenge. Last week's winner is not eligible to win this week but is encouraged to participate for the fun of it.

9. Please follow these rules exactly if you want your treasury to count in the challenge. Failure to add "Treasury Challenge" to your title or improper tagging might result in us not being able to find your treasury at all and it won't count!

10. This challenge ends at midnight tonight, eastern time and the voting for the winner will begin Friday morning.


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Thank you Jennifer!


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Here's mine:

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This Year, I Will Find Inner Peace

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Check it out here:

Best Wishes and Happy New Year!

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a little late but here ya go!